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Nectar Protector

Nectar Protector

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Using Nectar Protector Jr. Ant Moats on your feeders means no more free food for the ants. Perfect for protecting your hummingbird feeders, bird seed feeders, and even your hanging plants.

Protect Oriole, Hummingbird, fruit, and butterfly feeders from ants, as well as any hanging bird feeder, or hanging basket of flowers

Simply hang above the item you wish to protect from ants, and fill it with water as ants can't swim! Even if your feeder has a built-in ant moat, adding the Nectar Protector will hold more water for fewer fillings. S-hook included. Fits 100% of all feeders.

Dimensions: 3.50 x 3.50 x 3.50

Hummingbird feeder not included

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