Bird Toys are Non-Returnable

Why our Bird Toys are non-returnable items

If you were wondering why our bird toys and all cloth items are not returnable, well here's the reason why.

Although most people have healthy birds, sadly there are many diseases that pet birds can be sick with. There are also some avian diseases pet birds may carry, and appear to be very healthy on the outside. Many times with carrier diseases, a loving owner has no idea their bird is carrying this illness. These diseases, however, can be given to other birds very easily as most of these diseases are airborne, or passed along just by simply touching an object. An object such as a bird toy, cloth perch, bird harness, or any other item that cannot be sterilized, becomes a place for a virus to exist and can then be passed along by the person who handled their bird and then handled the bird product. Many avian diseases can be in the feather dust of a bird, on the feathers or on objects the bird actually touches with its beak or feet, and they can last for years in the environment.

Some of these diseases may simply make a healthy bird a little sick, but some sadly though are so strong they can kill another bird who may come in contact with a contaminated object. Most of these types of bird diseases cannot simply be washed away. They have to be killed by strong chemicals such as bleach or other special chemicals.

So just put yourself in the situation. If you order a bird toy from us would you prefer to know absolutely that that bird toy has never been sold to someone else before you?

Or would you be okay knowing you might be purchasing a bird toy that may have already been sold to someone else before you, someone who may have given it to their bird if even for only a day or two, and then returned it so that it could be sold to someone else?

So, this is why our bird toys, bird harnesses, and other fabric items that cannot be safely disinfected, are not returnable.

You can be sure when you purchase a bird toy, bird harness, or other fabric items, from us that it is brand new and has never been given to any other bird before yours.  Our guarantee to you.