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Comfy Perch Medium Size

Comfy Perch Medium Size

The medium Comfy Perch is great for all small to medium size birds from Cockatiels, Conures, to small African Greys, and similar-sized parrots.

The multi-colored 100% cotton rope perch is 7/8 inch in diameter and can provide a great resting perch for tired birdie feet. The Comfy Perch is a Cotton rope covered wire bird perch that can be bent or twisted into fun loops, shapes, and curves.

Comfy Perches are also great for older birds who have foot problems, or for birds who have toe or foot disabilities.  

  • For parakeets, cockatiels, conures, quakers, and other smaller parrots
  • Made of specially woven, multi-colored cotton 
  • Hand washable for easy cleaning
  • Holds its shape and easily attaches to wire cages
  • Create loops, curves, and interesting shapes by twisting
  • Helps relieve cage stress, boredom

Braided rope colors may vary and may not be exactly as pictured.


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Comfy Perch Medium Sizes
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