Collection: Harrison's Organic Bird Food

Harrison's Bird Food is USDA certified organic made in the USA. Ingredients for these diets are premium whole grains and legumes, no pieces, parts, or by-products. They are also certified mycotoxin-free and contain no chemical insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides, no preservatives, and no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors.

Harrison's High Potency formulas are recommended especially for African Greys, Green-Wing & Hyacinth Macaws, Queen of Bavaria Conures, and Palm Cockatoos

A Behind the Scenes Note from Harrison's:
Harrison's organic ingredients sometimes result in slightly different appearances or textures of the final nugget.  even though the production processes are the same, variations in growing temperatures, rainfall, and other natural phenomena produce outcomes that sometimes appear different but are the same food.  A slightly drier formula may end up with some crumbles at the bottom of the bag.  These are still nutrient dense and can be moistened with fruit juice for feeding or used as a flour to make into bird bread.  Harrison's does not incorporate artificial processing, or use any bleached for dyed flours, meals, or byproducts to cover up the natural characteristics of the grains.