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Mango African Grey Shampoo

Mango African Grey Shampoo

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Mango African Grey Shampoo is great for quick cleanups but when you need something a little more localized than just a spray. Formulated for powder or oil based birds. Easy rinse shampoo is a pH balanced blend of mild natural soaps and vitamin conditioners. Aids in removing makeup, hand oils, and ink stains such as newspaper print.  Easy flip top for grooming convenience.

  • Purified Water, Natural Soaps, Natural Conditioners
  • Avian PH Balanced 
  • Helps to clean trapped bird dander
  • Non-toxic - Biodegradable
  • Specially Formulated for African Grey Powder Dust
  • Encourages Natural Preening - Helps Soothes Itchy Skin
  • Made in the USA

Available in an 8-ounce bottle. Not a spray bottle.

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