Species Focus Jenday Conures

Aratinga jandaya, or Jenday Conures are pictured. These twelve-inch bundles of brilliant orange and green feathers are great birds. Conures have gotten a bad rap as being very loud, but actually, most owners contribute to their loudness without even realizing it. Conures are usually some of the best watch birds you will find alerting you to anything they feel should not be there. If your household is quiet, Jendays most often are too. If your household is a busy one with children, other pets and lots of activity, your Jenday is definitely going to join in with all the noise. If you place them in front of a window, they will scream out an alert at any suspected danger (real or not) such as the passing squirrel, flock of wild birds, a stray cat, etc.

The coloring of Jendays is just a step below the Sun Conure. The head is bright yellow and gold with vibrant orange blending around the eyes and cere. The yellow and lighter orange of the head and neck area blend to a rich orange on the underbelly. There is a deep blue on their flight feathers and some on the tails. Their backs and outer wings are a deep rich green in color. Though not known for their talking ability, these beautiful birds will usually speak a few words. They are very playful whether they are playing by themselves in their cage with their toys, or playing with their humans. They love to cuddle and will often snuggle under your chin and stay there as long as you will let them. They love to play with toys while laying on their backs as well as sleeping that way also. Jendays love to chew on things and should be given lots of toys of different textures to keep them happy and a large cage to accommodate them. They also love to make "birdie soup" in their water dishes so you may have to change their water often or add a water bottle to their cages. Jendays love to bathe. Most love spray baths but they will splash happily in their water dishes also. If weaned onto a wide variety of fruits and vegetables when they are babies they will be good eaters throughout their lives.

[Editors Note: The above focus is based on our personal experiences and opinions raising and keeping Jenday Conures for over 10 years, as well as information shared by our customers who have adopted our babies.