Ambrosia Fruit Salad

Summer Ambrosia Fruit Salad

Not just for holidays, Ambrosia can be a great summer treat for your bird.

Ingredients needed:
2 medium size oranges(peeled and cut into small pieces)
1 medium size peeled banana cut into slices
20-30 rinsed seedless grapes (green or purple or some of both)
1 cup rinsed strawberries that have been cut in half
1 large size peeled apple cut into bird size pieces

Combine all fruit ingredients into a large bowl and mix together. Once they have been mixed they are ready to serve. If you want more juice in the mixture you can squeeze some extra fresh orange juice or pineapple juice for an additional fruit taste.

This summer fruit treat is so yummy, you may want to share some with your bird.

This fruit mixture can also be frozen and served in smaller amounts daily to your bird. Freeze in small plastic container or freezer bag. You can also freeze in a plastic ice cube tray and once frozen remove and place frozen cubes into a larger plastic freezer bag.