Recycling Bird Cages in the Garden

Don't throw away those old bird cages, just roll them out into the garden or patio area, and repurpose as a beautiful new garden accessory.

Pictured above is a large wrought iron parrot cage that was painted white and filled with large pots inside the cage, and smaller planters on top with wave petunias.

Here I repurposed a old used flight cage with small bar spacing as a great seed starter protection area.  With small bar spacing, it helped keep the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds from enjoying our tender plants before they had a chance to grow.  Especially good for sunflower seedlings.

     A small plastic lightweight cage was used here for a beautiful cage full of flowering Mandevilla vine.

      An old large size amazon cage was used to grow hummingbird vines, trumpet vines, and honeysuckle along a fence line.

    An old large iron parrot cage is used here as an arbor of sorts for Mandevilla, Alamanda, and Bogenvilla plants.

Notice in the left bottom area, an old Prevue 123 cage is used to place a large planter on for a varied height of the plantings.

I also used a second prevue 125 cage as an umbrella stand with a hanging basket of potato vine inside to dress it up. 

For more inspiration visit our Pinterest Board Bird Cages in the Garden


Big, small, or in-between, old recycled bird cages can add interest and great design to any garden area. Use them in their natural state, or spray paint them in colorful garden accent colors.


Happy Gardening!
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