Sunflower Seeds The Facts

Natural Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds have really gotten a bad rap over the years as the evil junk food to not be given to your bird. In reality though, sunflower seeds can be a nutritious snack for many birds.

Sunflower Seeds are a seed full of nutrition and they deliver many powerful nutrients in a naturally small, flavorful morsel. Almost all birds really love them too. Sunflower seeds are the richest source of vitamin E, and unknown to many people, actually also contain calcium. Although some people consider sunflower seeds to be a fattening food for parrots, they are actually no more fattening than safflower seeds.

Any parrot food fed in excess can be fattening. There are parrots who have never eaten a single sunflower in their life, yet they are still overweight. We have even seen parrots who have been fed only pellets, who are are overweight.

So if you are looking for a tasty nutritious snack that your bird is sure to enjoy, try 2 or 3 sunflower seeds for that birdie snack. Sunflower seeds make a great training food reward too.