Species Focus Peach Front Conures

Species Specific on Peach Front Conures

Aratinga aurea, or PeachFronted Conure (also sometimes called the Golden-Crowned Conure) is pictured above. These ten inch bundles of feathers are great additions to a bird family. They are not as loud as some conures, but don't think they are not noisy at all. Like most conures, they are wonderful watch birds alerting you to anything they feel should not be there. They have almost iridescent green feathers on most of their body, grayish-green feathering around the cheeks and under the neck area and almost lime green feathers on the underbelly. They wear an orange cap on the front of their heads with a band of blue to blue-green behind the cap. Their beaks are black on adults and more horn-colored on young birds. They have white eye rings with orange around their eyes which varies from bird to bird and is not fully colored until about two years of age. They also have long tapered tails.

Peach Front Conures are still found in a large area of Brazil, mainly south of the Amazon, and southwards into Paraguay and into Argentina

These gregarious little birds can be very good talkers with males and females being equally talented. When they get excited, their eyes seem to dance and the feathers on their cheeks puff up. They seem to do this whether they are mad or just plain happy about something.

Peach Fronts can vary greatly in personality regardless of whether they are male or female. Some can be sweet and loving. Others seem to be more independent, wanting to be cuddled only when they want it. They do like to chew on things and should be given lots of toys to keep them happy. Like most conures, Peach Fronts love to bathe. Some prefer their water dishes, others learn to love spray baths. If weaned onto a wide variety of fruits and vegetables when they are babies they will be good eaters throughout their lives.

I highly recommend Peach Front Conures as a great addition to any household

[Editors Note: The above focus is based on our personal experiences and opinions raising and keeping Peach Front Conures for many years, as well as information shared by our customers who have adopted our babies.]