Bird Salad


I like layering my salad to help keep it fresher for longer. I start on the bottom of a large plastic container with some chopped greens such as spinach or collard greens. I vary the greens each time I make a salad up so experiement and see which greens your bird likes best. Some good greens to try are spinach, chard, parsley, dandelion, kale, or collard greens.

For my next layer of foods I add two of the following chopped up foods: zucchini and another summer squash, red or green bell peppers, fresh hot peppers, fresh green beans or peas, cucumber, or celery.

Next comes a layer of finely chopped carrots or sweet potatoes for some vitamin A.
A food processor makes chopping carrots or sweet potatoes much easier.

An optional layer is a cooked bean miture. The beans will make your salad higher in protein which may be good for some birds, and not necessary for others.

Next I add some chopped fruits such as apples, a few grapes, and at least one fruit such as oranages for the acid that helps to keep the salad fresh longer.

Then I cover the top of the salad with fozen mixed vegetables right from the bag and cover with a lid and place immediately into the refrigerator.

Each morning I scoop out a serving size bowl of the salad straight from the container without mixing the original salad up. I then mix up the salad in the smaller serving bowl and it's ready to serve. It takes a while to cup and chop all the vegetables and fruit up when you make the salad, but it is one of my birds' favorite foods. You can also add some cooked pasta or cooked rice to the smaller servings for a change during the week. The salad keeps well in the refriferator for several days.