Tackling the Spring Cleaning Bug with Gusto

Here are a few tips that might make the job a little easier

Tip 1  Remove bird from cage to fun play area with lots of things to keep him occupied before beginning. Some birds do not like anyone messing with their stuff.  If your bird is not tame, or is fully flighted and may get into trouble if left unattended, place your bird in a carrier or small travel cage with fun foot toys or food treats (or both) while you clean.
Tip 2 - Remove all bird toys and perches from cage prior to cleaning. Good time to inspect all toys for wear and tear and throw out anything that might not still be safe. Check bells, texture toys such as ropes sisal strips and leather strips or knots, bird beds, and even toy hanging/attaching links closely.


Tip 3 - Wooden perches can be soaked in a sink or bathtub in gentle dish detergent and water but be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry before returning to the cage. Rope and Sisal or other material perches can be brushed with a stiff bristle brush to help remove dried-on poop or food.  Once wet, these types of perches may be harder to clean so it may be a trial and error job. Although some people may gasp, perches can also be run through a dishwasher cycle once brushed some to better clean and disinfect.  Make sure they are dry before returning to cage. Throw out any rope or other organic material perches that look like they might trap tiny toes.  

Tip 4 - If your cage is easy to move, roll it outside and make great use of a sprayer hose to clean.  If your cage is small enough to fit into the shower or bathtub, you may prefer cleaning indoors. (DO NOT LEAVE BIRD IN CAGE IN SHOWER UNATTENDED- drowning can happen!)  
Cages can be washed with vinegar and water, or a mixture of gentle dish detergent and water. Always rinse well after cleaning.  If you choose to use a manufactured cleaner other than mentioned above, please choose a product specifically made to clean bird areas and are known to be bird safe. 

NEVER use cleaners such as Mr. Clean, Lysol, Soft Scrub, Windex, 409, etc. to clean anything your bird can come in contact with, as almost all strong household cleaners can be deadly to your bird. Bleach is not recommended for cleaning either as it is toxic if inhaled by your bird, is very caustic to cage finishes, and can burn skin if splashed accidentally.  

Tip 5 - Once everything is nice and clean, add a few new toys before returning your bird, because he or she is going to know you have been messing with their stuff, and new toys may help soothe things over for you.
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