It's Fall Ya'll

Fall is my favorite time of year. The rich colors of the trees and the spicy scent of the air. I love bringing the outdoor crisp smells into my own home.

However living with birds makes me always remember to choose safe ways to enjoy the smells of the seasons.

You may be bombarded with ads or store displays for scented candles, potpourri, scented pine cones, table top and plug-in air fresheners, and so on and so on, all in order to make a quick easy addition to the scent of fall in your home.


Those store bought goodies may not always a good choice as they are not always safe to have around your bird and other pets, as well as someone who has breathing issues. Many of these ready-made items use some essential oils and some essential oils can be very toxic to your bird.

Don't fret though, because it's so easy to make your own personal fall fragrances that are safe for your birds, other pets, or anyone with breathing issues or asthma.

It doesn't take much time either and can be quite fun to create what makes you smile in the morning. If you garden or know someone who does, save and/or dry many flowers and herbs such lavender, mints, sunflowers, gardenias, jasmine, and such.  Gather together some fresh or dried bottled spices and then let your imagination swirl.

Standard fall spices include ground cinnamon or cinnamon sticks, cloves, pumpkin pie spice, and nutmeg. Those make a good base to start with, then add anything your heart enjoys such as orange slices, lemon slices, or apples, and such, as well as any flowers or herbs you like. My Cockatoo Cookie loves natural cinnamon sticks and it's fun to give her one in the morning with her breakfast and smell the sweet cinnamon fragrance permeate the bird room.

Once you have gathered the right mix for you, add some water to your mixture and then use a small warming pot such as used for potpourri, or even a small size coffee pot that has a warm setting, or even just a small size sauce pot (NO TEFLON), and enjoy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never leave your warming pot unattended and especially a pot on the stove, to prevent burning spices, or cause for a fire or other safety issues. 

As the liquid mix of water, spices and fruits warm, they emit the cozy feeling of fall that can last for hours or all day depending on how strong your scents are and how long you leave the warmer on. Sometimes all you have to do is heat the mixture up for a short while, then turn off the heat, and the wonderful smells you have created may last most of the day unattended.

Another quick idea is to create a fall arrangement by inserting cloves into oranges, sprinkle pine cones with spices, add cinnamon sticks, and set among fresh cut pine branches. No heat required, and you have created a fall decor for your room that includes the scents of fall as well. 

Enjoy experimenting with the different scents and amounts you like, and find what you love best.

Afterall, it is "Fall Ya'll"

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