February the Month of Love

"My bird threw up on me. Yuck!"

Well, maybe "Yuck!" to the human, but it could be a sign of true love from your parrot.  Of course, we are assuming it is indeed love sharing by your parrot and not a health issue.  If in doubt, have your bird checked by your avian veterinarian to be sure.

Now back to the "love gurge".  Although it might not smell fragrant (depending on what your bird's diet consists of), and can be kind of yucky in texture and volume, especially if it's love from a large parrot like a macaw, but it really is an honor in bird world to be the recipient.  It is your bird's way of sharing food and lots of love with you.

Usually it starts with the bobbing of the head and you may even find bits of undigested food from a fresh fruit and vegetable diet, tiny bits of seed, or pellets if it happens soon after a meal.  Again, if you are not sure whether it's regurgitation or vomiting, don't hesitate to check with your vet.

Birds regurgitate to their partners in the wild, as well as feeding those sweet baby parrots with such love and care.  So be honored you have been chosen, even as you wipe the goo from your clothes.

If you want to limit some of this love action, you can take care where you pet your bird as well as how much you snuggle with your bird as both cases can put your bird into the love cycle.  Offering a distraction of a bird toy or treat might also help redirect the food sharing.  Of course sometimes there is not much you can do about it except smile and wipe. 

It is also sometimes shared with favorite toys, rather than humans, so don't feel left out if your bird prefers to share what's on the menu with his or her bird toy instead of you.

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