Does Your Bird Get Enough Exercise?

Sometimes we don't realize just how inactive our birds really are. They often stay in cages too small to actually fly in if they are flighted. They are often carried about by their humans from place to place so even if they are flighted there is no real need to fly around to get somewhere. We even bring their food to them each day so they don't have to get out and go forage for dinner.

Exercise is very important to our birds, not only for their physical health, but for their mental wealth as well.

However a bird does not have to be flighted and flying around your house or outside to get exercise. There are many other ways to help your bird burn up some energy and have fun while doing it.

Flapping in place while you gently hold your bird's feet can help get things started just be careful not to hold too tight, as well as not letting go unexpectedly which can cause your bird to fall. Providing climbing ropes, rings and ladders in and on their cage and play areas can get them moving as well. Ever watched a parrot chase a ball?  A ball with a bell inside is even better and some birds love to be noise makers. Many birds really enjoy playing with their humans in interactive safe bird games.

Has your bird ever had a toy it just seemed to really hate and was always beating the toy up? Well, whipping that toy into shape might actually be good exercise for your feathered friend. Burns up a few birdie calories making that toy behave.

A couch potato bird can learn to become a more active companion whether flighted or feather clipped with a few good birdie exercises and play times.

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