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Rainforest Exotics Conure Lovebird

Rainforest Exotics Conure Lovebird

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Rainforest Exotics bird seed mix for Conures and Lovebird sized parrots has a wide variety of special nutrition. Ingredients include foods such as split peas, oat groats, pumpkin seeds, diced carrots, papaya, raisins, apple, banana, and other healthy ingredients.  It is a favorite among smaller birds.

Available in 2 lb., 4 lb., and 20 lb. size bags.


Safflower Seed, White Proso Millet, Buckwheat, Canary Seed, Pumpkin, Whole Wheat, Oat Groats, Rolled Corn, Rolled Barley, Diced Carrots, Shelled Peanuts, Diced Papaya, Raisins, Split Green Peas, Small Red Beans, Black Oil Sunflower, Vitamin Powder, Safflower Oil, Chili Peppers, Whole Apple Slices, Banana Chips, Pasta Rotini, Bread Nubbins, Puffed Wheat, Puffed Corn.

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    Bird Recommendations

    Small Birds - Budgies, Parakeets, LoveBirds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Quakers, Conures, etc.

    Ingredient Listing

    INGREDIENTS: White Millet, Safflower Seed, Buckwheat, Canary Grass Seed, Whole Wheat, Oat Groats, Rolled Corn, Rolled Barley, Small Bird Pellets, Split Green Peas, Red Beans, Banana Chips, Dehydrated Carrot, Dehydrated Apple, Dehydrated Papaya, Raisins, Pumpkin Seed, Shelled Peanuts, Black Oil Sunflower, Pasta, Chili Peppers, Bread Sticks, Puffed Wheat, Puffed Corn, Bay Leaves, Vitamin Mineral Supplement, Unrefined Safflower Oil.


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