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Harrison's Power Treats

Harrison's Power Treats

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Harrison's Power Treats with Certified Organic Brazilian Red Palm Fruit Oil can be fed as a treat, or supplement to your bird's diet.  Power Treats are a coarse pellet size for all medium and large birds, but can be broken into smaller pieces for smaller birds.

  • Can be used as the only food source to aid in weaning, changing a bird’s diet from seeds to Harrison’s Bird Foods or as a supplement for birds already fed Harrison’s Bird Foods that need extra energy following an illness.
  • Beneficial to birds with dry flaky skin (beak, nails), balding of the feet, lack of sheen and proper color to feathers.
  • Beneficial to most aging birds.
  • Beneficial to certain species known to eat high oil diets.
  • Storage: Harrison's Bird Foods do not contain artificial preservatives. Once opened, a bag of Harrison's can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to help maintain freshness.

Available in a one pound size bag

Ingredients Include *Corn, *Peanut Kernels, *Sugar, *Tapioca Maltodextrin, *Hulled Gray Millet, *Sunflower Kernels, *Hull-less Barley, Peas, *Lentils, *Palm Fruit Oil, *Toasted Oat Groats, *Brown Rice, *Chia, *Alfalfa, *Sea Kelp, Salt, *Algae Meal


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